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Goleta News: Bank of Santa Barbara

Locally owned and operated Bank of Santa Barbara is expanding into Goleta. The tentative opening date for the new 5880 Calle Real branch is July. CEO Eloy Ortega said it’s the next logical step after a successful start for the local bank. With its focus on making personal connections with each of its clients, Ortega said it’s best to have the bank move out to Goleta for its brand of personalized service. “I think that it’s important for Goleta to have an extension of that service,” Ortega said. “We’re coming to them, we’re not making them come to us.”
The Bank has most of its dealings with non-profits, businesses, and professionals. Outside of Downtown Santa Barbara where The Bank has set up shop, Goleta has the largest concentration of small to medium-sized businesses, making it the best location to serve it's clients.

It’s location in Calle Real shopping center in the outgoing Blockbuster Video building seems like the ideal fit with its proximity to the business community. The building had also been a savings and loan in its earlier days, so much of the infrastructure needed for a bank already existed.

Ortega said what sets the Bank apart is its local ownership. The three top shareholders are philanthropic organizations the Orfalea Family Foundation, Hutton Parker Foundation, and Tim and Bernadette Marquez of Veneco. All have a track record of investing back in Santa Barbara.

The Bank focuses on restoring a personal touch to banking. Said Ortega, the bank wants to make connections with its customers to let them know that they’re not just another number and BoSB is not just another bank.

“We want to take the time to get to know our clients,” Ortega said.

But he said it isn’t just about a smile and handshake. It’s also about looking beyond a client’s numbers and credit score. Times have been hard and The Bank knows 2008, 2009, and even 2010 aren’t the years to judge someone’s finances by.

“We try to look beyond just the numbers and at the plan, the business itself, and the individual,” Ortega said.

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